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Tap into the local pool of technology talent, and help grow the tech field in South Carolina.

“Technology is intertwined into our lives. Businesses that embrace this reality will have a true competitive advantage. Those that don’t will cease to be relevant or even exist.“

joyce vonada
CIO & Managing Director, EDENS

“Our long-term goal is to develop a local, tech-savvy, cross-industry workforce that grows business and attracts new entrepreneurs. “

bill mahoney

“We need people who excel at the intersection of technology, the humanities and business. It’s time to cultivate this talent locally.”

dean schuster
Partner, truematter

what's in it for me?

help local tech.

Donating or creating an internship for technology-capable students helps keep our local tech community going strong.

discover top candidates.

Be the first to know about emerging graduates with the educational background and tech skills you're looking for.

solve a business problem.

Helping create a more well-rounded, progress-ready workforce will help you fill positions quickly with the right people.

what are the next steps?

Create an internship.

Scope out new talent and help students get hands-on experience.

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Contact Annjanette with questions.

speak to students.

Tell  them about tech in your industry, and the skills they’ll need. Guest lectures, class visits, and office tours are in high demand.

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