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Technology is everywhere, in every business. Good thing you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to impress employers with your tech know-how.

“The experience I have with design programs falls hand in hand with the knowledge I’ve gained with the applied computing minor.”

Jessica Bonilla Garcia
Columbia College

“I always thought you had to know someone to land a great job, but in the technology field, if you have the right skills, they need you.”

Jason Pfaehler
Midlands Technical College

“The Coursepower program included only what I wanted to learn. It was perfect for me. And, the price was right.”

Brock Rhoad
Midlands Technical College

ok. what’s in it for me?

To put a fine point on it — jobs, stability, advancement and money.

earn more.

Employers in all fields need well-rounded people who understand technology. Graduates with tech know-how will land jobs and be well-paid.

stay a step ahead.

Technology influences every aspect of our lives, and it’s constantly evolving. Develop your skills and you’ll stay on the cutting edge.

make a difference.

Tech-savvy people drive progress in every industry. Take the opportunity to help improve your field, your community, and the world.

what does it do for me right now?


To encourage, educate and enthusiastically promote Coursepower (Minor in Applied Computing.) To serve as an official “voice” in promoting the program.

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We work with employers to create internships that are only open to students in our program. Less competition, and hands-on tech experience in your field!


See internships.


what will I learn?

you’ll take courses in applied computing, and gain skills that are valuable in any work environment.

technology affects everything.

No industry goes untouched by the digital world. You’ll learn how technology affects your field of study, and what skills are most viable for you.

make yourself relevant in any workplace.

When you understand how companies use technology every day, you can hone your skills to match what they need.

embrace your skill set.

Living at the crossroads of technology and the humanities gives you a unique perspective that’s valuable to employers.

Exact courses are different for each of our participating schools.

how will this help my career?



Journalists work with all kinds of digital media, including content and database management, computer networking, and digital publishing.

health care


Most of the health industry manages medical records electronically and digitally indexes, stores and updates files.

project management


Project managers plan, schedule, budget and control tasks in a digital environment so others can access that information.



The manufacturing industry operates on digital data and analysis from machinery, as well as digital design and simulation.

civil engineering


Constructing and maintaining the modern world requires modern tools like Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and spatial programming.



We buy and sell in a digital world. Embracing technology trends and new platforms will make you more successful in sales and marketing.

media arts


Art and technology have fused to make digital media a prominent form of communicating, creating and educating.

retail merchandising


Retail merchandisers use analytics, social media, and other technology to generate leads and sales, and to meet objectives.

financial services


Daily tasks like banking and billing have gone digital, as have more complex tasks like financial analytics and electronic trading.